100-Hour LSAT Course

100-Hour LSAT Course

In the 100-Hour Course, you will thoroughly review every kind of question on the LSAT as you take 8 live proctored exams in class and many more at home.

How We Compare

  Strategy Kaplan
TestMasters PowerScore
Your instructor scored in the top 99% Yes No No No Yes
Live instruction hours 100 72 84 90 64
Live practice exams 8 4 6 4 4
You get your instructor's cell number Yes No Yes No No
   $1,295 $1,549 $1,449 $1,450 $1,295

Disclaimer: We made this chart by reviewing each company's website and by calling them. Although any company's offers and prices can change, we check this information frequently.

What You Get

Live Instruction 100 hours
Live Practice Exams 28 hours
Total Hours 128 hours
  • 100 hours of live instruction
  • 8 live proctored exams
  • 30 official full-length LSATs
  • Strategy's official study materials and explanations
  • Call or email your instructor with questions at anytime

What Happens in Class


In class, you will learn the best strategies for approaching every kind of question on the test, using only official LSAT questions. Each lesson focuses on two or three strategies.

You'll work through many official examples in class and then take home more challenges to do on your own. In each class, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about the homework and review what you're learning.

To get extra help on the homework or to ask about law school applications, feel free to come 30 minutes before class. Your instructor will take questions on anything. You can also attend the Extra Help sessions during the week (see below).

Making Up Class

The easiest and fastest way to make up a missed class is to work through the lesson material and then attend an Extra Help session (see below). You can also come early to another lesson to ask about what you missed.

Missing one class is easy to make up. Just be proactive and talk with your instructor.

Proctored Exams

You will have the opportunity to take at least 8 full-length LSATs in class with a live proctor—just like the real exam. After each exam, feel free to stay and ask questions.

If you miss an exam, we can give you the exam to take on your own.

Extra Help Sessions

Extra Help sessions are optional. Attend them when you want more help with the homework, past exams, or anything else.

These sessions are an opportunity for you to study in a small-group environment. Your instructor will go around the room answering questions individually.


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