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We’ve moved all our classes into LSAT Demon. If you’ve already paid for a class here and need help accessing the Demon, email us.

Demon Live

$295 / month

Study with us every day of the week in Zoom. Lessons are on Sundays from 1-4 pm. Proctored exams are on Saturdays. Timed sections, beginner basics, and advanced power hours are scheduled throughout the week. Demon Live includes everything in Demon Premium.

Live Schedule (Eastern Time)


Demon Premium

$195 / month

Work through our lesson videos to master every section of the test. Most people need about two months to complete all the lessons before their test. Proctored exams are hosted in Zoom on Saturdays. Demon Premium includes everything in Demon.

Premium Schedule (Eastern Time)



$95 / month

Drill questions with the world’s best AI tutor. The Demon quickly assesses your strengths and weaknesses to give you questions right at your skill level. It’s the fastest way to learn the LSAT.

Demon Schedule (Eastern Time)


What about Coronavirus?

We are now hosting all our classes—including all lessons, extra help sessions, and proctored exams—online in Zoom. Check them out at LSAT Demon.


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