40-Hour LSAT Course

40-Hour LSAT Course

In the 40-Hour Course, you will review every kind of question on the LSAT and take at least 4 live proctored exams. (For a more extensive course, check out our 100-Hour Course.)

How We Compare

  Strategy Kaplan
Live Class
Live Class
Your instructor scored in the top 99% Yes No No No No
       . . . has taught the LSAT for 10 years Yes No No No No
       . . . hosts the Thinking LSAT podcast Yes No No No No
Live instruction hours 25 28 64 32 16
Live practice exams 4 3 6 6 0
Live extra help sessions Yes No No No No
Hours of online explanations 500+ 200+ 88 100 45+
Score tracking and analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Study guides and official tests Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access class for six months Yes No No No No
  $895 $1,399 $1,599 $1,150 $395

Disclaimer: We made this chart by reviewing each company's website and by calling them. Although any company's offers and prices can change, we check this information frequently.

What You Get

Live Instruction 25 hours
Live Practice Exams 15 hours
Total Hours 40 hours
  • 40 hours of live instruction and tests
  • 4 live proctored exams
  • Over 20 official full-length LSATs *
  • Strategy's official study materials and explanations
  • Email your instructor with questions at anytime

* If you work through all the tests we give you, which is rare, ask your instructor for more. We're happy to give you more official practice tests and questions that target the sections or question types you need to work on.

What Happens in Class


In class, you will learn the best strategies for approaching every kind of question on the test, using only official LSAT questions. Each lesson focuses on two or three strategies.

You'll work through many official examples in class and then take home more challenges to do on your own. In each class, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about the homework and review what you're learning.

Never Miss a Class

We record all the lessons so you can watch them online later. You can ask follow-up questions at the Extra Help sessions or by calling or emailing your instructor. If you’re going to miss a test, we can give you the test to take on your own.

Here's a sample:

Extra Help Sessions

These optional sessions are like small-group tutoring sessions. You can ask about anything that you’re struggling with, study on your own, or just sit back and listen. The point of these sessions is to give you plenty of opportunities to review previous lessons, homework challenges, and practice exams.

All Materials Included

Once you sign up for the class, you won’t need any other materials. Everything from official LSAT practice tests to comprehensive study guides is included.

When you first sign up, we’ll send you Early Start materials so you can start studying on your own before the class starts. If you don’t have time to start early, that’s okay. The Early Start materials are not necessary to succeed in the class. But if you’re looking to get a head start, they’re a great place to begin.

Proctored Exams

You will have the opportunity to take at least 6 full-length LSATs in class with a live proctor—just like the real exam. After each exam, feel free to stay and ask questions.

If you miss an exam, we can give you the exam to take on your own.

Access for Six Months

After the class ends, you’ll have six months to access all the recorded lessons, the score tracker, and the explanations library. You’re also welcome to continue attending the Saturday practice exams with future classes; you just need to bring your own practice tests.

If you’re not sure which official LSAT to take, sign up for the earliest class that you can attend to get the materials now and to learn how to study effectively. If you’re ready by that official test, take it; otherwise, continue studying with the course online.

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