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Which course should you take?

If you're not sure, we recommend the 100-Hour Course because most test takers—including top scorers—need two to three months to prepare.

If, on the other hand, you naturally do well on standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT, we recommend the 40-Hour Course. This class moves quickly.

40 Hour vs. 100 Hour

  40 Hour 100 Hour
Your instructor scored in the top 99% Yes Yes
Live instruction hours 40 100
Live practice exams 6 8
Total practice exams 20 30
In-class examples for each strategy 4-8 10-20
Call or email your instructor with questions Yes Yes
  $895 $1,395

Key Differences

Both courses cover the same strategies. The key difference is how much time you have to go over each strategy in class and how many weeks you have to do the recommended homework and practice tests.

In the 40-Hour Course, we'll have time to go over 4 to 8 examples of every strategy; in the 100-Hour Course, we'll have time to go over 10 to 20 examples. For this reason, you'll get about 1,000 more practice problems in the 100-Hour Course. We'll also have more time to work on timing, drilling, and reviewing common problem areas.

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