Hybrid LSAT Course

Hybrid Class

In the hybrid class, you watch the lessons online, which are posted by noon the next day (sample lesson). And you attend the proctored exams and extra help sessions in person. But if you can’t come in, feel free to join our virtual proctored exams and virtual help sessions instead.


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What You Get

  • An instructor who scored in the top 99%
  • Watch the lessons that are recorded and posted to your student account
  • Live, in-person extra help session for you to study and ask questions
  • Live, in-person proctored exams
  • Access to our virtual extra help sessions
  • Access to our virtual proctored exams
  • Access to our comprehensive online LSAT study guide and lesson plan, created by Ben Olson, co-host of Thinking LSAT Podcast
  • Every released official LSAT in the digital LSAT format
  • Over 500+ hours of online explanations
  • Premium access to LSAT Demon (normally $195 per month)

LSAT Demon

When you enroll, you’ll get access to our comprehensive study guide. You’ll also get Premium access to LSAT Demon for free (normally $195 per month) to start studying now.

What Happens in Class

Recorded Lessons

We record all the lessons and post them to your student account by noon the next day. In these lessons, you will learn the best strategies for approaching every kind of question on the test, using only official LSAT questions. Each lesson focuses on two or three strategies. We’ll work through official practice problems together, and then you’ll more to do on your own.

Live and Virtual Extra Help Sessions

These optional sessions are like small-group tutoring sessions. You can just study on your own or ask the tutors about anything you want help with, including practice tests or homework assignments. If you’re out of town or just want to stay home, you can also join our virtual extra help sessions.

Live and Virtual Proctored Exams

You can take at least 6 full-length, digital LSATs in class with a live proctor—just like the real exam. If you’re out of town or just want to stay home, you can also join our virtual proctored exams or take them on your own at any time.

Missing Class?

No problem. Watch the lessons online, join the virtual extra help sessions, and take the tests online.

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