July 2019 LSAT

July 2019 LSAT — Explained

July 2019 LSAT is a big deal

The LSAT is going completely digital in September 2019.

To evaluate the new format, LSAC will be administering both paper and digital versions of the test in July 2019. Test-takers won’t know which version they’ll be taking until they show up on test day.

To entice test-takers to take this transitional test, LSAC will let you see your score before you decide to cancel. If you decide to cancel, you will be allowed to retake the LSAT one time for free until April 2020. The LSAC has never given test-takers the option to see their score before cancelling it, and they’re unlikely to ever do so again.

Take the LSAT before July 2019

Because you’ll have the option to see your July score before cancelling it, you’ll want to have at least one official score on record before taking it.

Let’s assume, for example, that you score 167 on the March 2019 LSAT. Let’s also assume that you crush it by scoring higher than any of your previous practice tests. You should still take it in July. If you score better than 167, keep your score; if you score lower, cancel it.

On the other hand, if you take the July 2019 LSAT without another score on record, you’ll most likely just end up keeping your July score. Even if it’s lower than your previous practice test scores, it still might be the best official score that you ever get. And because law schools will use your highest official score to evaluate your application, you should keep it.

In short, take the official LSAT in January, March, or June. And then take it again in July, even if you did awesome in January, March, or June. There’s nothing to lose.

This advice even applies to most applicants who have been accepted to their dream schools. If you happen to eke out three or more points in July, you might decide to withdraw and reapply next cycle to an even dreamier school or to at least renegotiate your scholarship. Think about it.

If you decide to cancel, law schools will see a cancellation on your test report. But that doesn’t matter. The potential benefits of a higher score, even just one point higher, far outweigh any cancellation.

Take the LSAT in July 2019

Even if you can’t take the LSAT before July 2019, you still should take the July test to get experience maneuvering through an officially administered, tablet-based LSAT. Starting in September 2019, everyone will have to take the digital version of the test.

Granted, you might be assigned to take the paper version of the test in July. But because the July LSAT won’t be released to the public, taking the paper version will still give you one more modern test to practice. If it doesn’t go well, just cancel it.

Prepare for July 2019 with paper and a tablet

Here at Strategy, we will administer full-length, previously administered LSATs in both digital and paper formats to students at our weekly Saturday practice exams.

We’ll randomly switch up the format of the test, between digital and paper, without telling you. This setup will simulate the uncertainty you’ll face on test day in July 2019.

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